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Detox: Detoxify the body, gain energy – that’s how it works!


You’re tired and exhausted? Then dare a new start now: with detox, cleaning from the inside, energy and form return with juices and smoothies or a change of diet.

What is Detox?

The term “detoxification” comes from the English word detoxification and means to cleanse the body of the consequences of unhealthy nutrition, stress-induced hormone “poisoning” and environmental pollutants. Everyone accumulates toxins, for example through unhealthy eating, alcohol, smoking, polluted air or stress.

If our detoxification organs such as liver, kidneys and skin are overstrained, the complexion becomes pale and the body susceptible to diseases. We feel tired and tired. A detox cure stimulates the metabolism, clarifies the skin, strengthens the immune system and gives new energy. Two types of detoxing in particular are known to us:

Base fasting

With base fasting the body is deacidified and freed of toxins via the intestines in order to bring the acid-base balance back into balance, which is disturbed by the high intake of acid-forming foods. This works with a diet of fresh and basic foods. Basic foods include bananas, apricots, potatoes, spinach, carrots, kohlrabi, fennel, parsley, rocket, raisins and dried figs.
You forgo meat, cheese, white flour, sweets, alcohol, nicotine and coffee. The absence of such acid-forming foods stabilizes the acid-base balance, which results in detoxification. An acid-base diet can also be used to counteract acidosis in the body.
Already before the chamfered these food is left out gradually, directly before the start then two discharge days with fruit and vegetable line up, in order to relieve the digestion. To avoid unnecessary strain on your body, you should drink at least one or two litres a day – preferably still water or tea.

Detox treatment with juices and smoothies

With this detox treatment you do not eat solid foods at all and instead consume water and juices from fruit and vegetables. Due to their viscous consistency, smoothie are satisfying and last a long time – so you don’t have to starve when detoxing.
Special detox treatments with juices and smoothies from salad and vegetables plus detox plan are available online at Kale and Me, Detox Hamburg or Pure Delight. It gets more complex if you squeeze and mix your own juices and smoothies. You should not eat only juices or smoothies for more than three days!

What happens when detoxing in the body?

Basically, the body can free itself from most toxins – if the toxins get too much, however, an overload occurs and the toxins accumulate in the body. With detox you get rid of them again, because during detoxification our organism starts to excrete superfluous substances through the intestines or the skin.

The detox cure influences metabolism and digestion, which is why the first few days are the biggest change. If you do not eat solid food at all, you may experience slight headaches or mood swings in the first few days or lead yourself weak and dizzy. After about three days, however, the accustoming effect begins and many people feel much more energy than before detoxing.

Detoxing aids

In addition to the pure detoxing products, other aids are also available to accelerate the detoxification process of the body. For example, detox teas or products for external use such as detox foot baths or detox patches. These aids for the detoxification cure are intended to stimulate the metabolism and thus remove harmful substances from the body. Green tea and some special herbal tea blends that stimulate the metabolism and transport toxins from the body have proved their worth.

Special detox massages purify the body and wash toxins out of the body via the energy channels – such a massage does not serve pure relaxation, but is work on and for the body.

Detoxic to fight parasites in the human organism

Detoxic is a purely herbal product against parasites in the human body. The manufacturer advertises on his website that parasites are removed in only one treatment unit. The preparation is only available in tablet form and should be taken daily. According to the manufacturer, the ingredients are based on purely natural ingredients. The product is available from many online retailers on the Internet.

How dangerous are parasites?

Parasites are tiny little creatures that feed on their host. Many parasites can become very unpleasant or even life-threatening for humans. There are generally two types of parasites: Internal parasites live in the human body like hedgehogs or worms and external parasites live on the surface of the body. Worms in particular, which have settled in the body, can have very serious consequences up to death. All vital organs are attacked.

Consequences of parasite infestation

Parasites affect many parts of the body. According to magazines and experiments, parasites consume a lot of energy. Furthermore, a lot of energy is used through counter-reactions of the body. This energy and strength, which is used against parasites, is missing in other parts of the organism. Infestation by parasites can be noticeable by several signs. In addition to slight signs, such as congested noses or fatigue, the parasite can also cause headaches, insomnia or muscle aches. But also chronic complaints can spread.