A healthy nutritious diet; Why it is so important?

You are what you eat. This is as true as 1+1=2,what you eat highly determines your health, mood,looks and sometimes even behavior.This means that choosing what you put into your mouth is in-arguably one of the most important decisions you can make in a particular day.Food provides the nutrition that is required by the body for optimal function. A diet is a balanced combination of foods to ensure proper nutrition. When on a diet you carefully select what you eat.Though the process can be very challenging,it rewards with results of a healthier and sexier body. The benefits of Diet and Nutrition are glaring, this article will only name a few;

Control weight

While people in underdeveloped countries are dying of hunger, most people in developed countries are dying just because they eat too much of the wrong foods.Large intake of Fatty and sugary foods mostly causes overweight in most people. these kind of foods are best taken in low amounts, if you want to maintain that beach body you have or get one. People are getting more and more self conscious about their bodies. Especially with the launch of social media, people want to take photos that will impress their friends. having a weight problem has thus been a result of depression for most millenials. The cure is simple, just make sure you maintain a healthy balanced diet and you will avoid the pains that come with being overweight.

Combats Diseases

Did you know that if you only ate well enough you wouldn’t have to see the doctor as often as you do? This is a fact, it is well known that a healthy diet combats diseases. Most of the diseases can be directly or indirectly linked to a bad diet. If you eat the right food, you will be able to fight off most of the diseases. This includes Arthritis, diabetes and blood pressure. Most of these diseases can be fatal to a human being.

Energy Boost

Whole grains, lean meat and low fat dairy products will give you an instant boost of energy you need to go about your daily duties.You will most likely get a lethargic feeling after having an unhealthy diet.


Here is a tip if you want live a longer life.Most people are afraid of death,although it is inevitable it can be delayed.A healthy diet is what can promote longevity,very few people actively practice this however.

Improving mood

The next time you are stressed out or extremely angry, grab an orange and see how it calms your nerves. It works like magic. Try and experiment and you will see that eating a well balanced diet will actually make you a much happier person.

Therefore, before you take that big chunk of a bite on the cake, think again. Is it really worth it? Cant you just live with taking smaller portions? Think of all the benefits of healthy dieting and the dangers of improper eating.